10 Biggest Myths About Software Development Company

What are the 10 biggest misconceptions people have about software development companies ? Don’t put too much stock in what you see on TV or hear from your friends. Here is a list of myths and misconceptions that we don’t want you to believe when it comes to the world of software.

1. Misconception: It is impossible to find software developer jobs where the pay is competitive.

Myths About Software Development Company

Reality: True, developers in India and other countries are paid a fraction of what American developers are paid for a similar job, but that is because the cost of living is much lower in those countries. If you are considering outsourcing, just make sure to factor in that you will need to pay for travel expenses and visa fees upfront.

2. Misconception: 12-hour days are the norm.

Myths About Software Development Company hours

Reality: While this may be true of new startup companies, established businesses set normal hours for software developers. If you work in a startup, your employer will understand if you cannot come into work early or stay late after a few weeks on the job. If you are adamant about working in a startup environment, then do some research about how many hours they expect their employees to work and make sure their expectations align with yours.

3. Misconception: You will earn more money by moving to an expensive area like Silicon Valley or New York City.

Myths About Software Development Company city

Reality: In fact, the opposite is true. You are likely to earn less in the expensive areas because there will be more competition for each job. Instead of applying on a job posting on LinkedIn or Indeed, you may want to reach out directly to a company you are interested in working at via email. That way, you can explain why you are interested and show how your personal attributes will benefit them and their business.

4. Misconception: Software developers have a lot of time off since they work from home.

Myths About Software Development Company work hours

Reality: While it is true software development companies need developers to work from home on occasion, that does not mean that you should spend most of your time at home watching TV or sleeping. You should stay in touch with your team through emails and calls as much as possible. Also, it is important to always have a regular work schedule so that you do not lose track of time.

5. Misconception: Startups are the only place to be.

Myths About Software Development Company place to be

Reality: While startups are known for being high-energy and encouraging of their employees’ creativity, they can be highly unstable. Because they are smaller than most companies, they may be unable to pay for you to have insurance or other benefits like 401k plans or sick days. In addition, large companies generally offer better career mobility which is likely to help your career growth more in the long run than staying in a startup will.

6. Misconception: The only way to go to work is by car or public transportation.

Reality: For developers, there are actually much more efficient ways to commute. Many companies have begun recognizing the value of telecommuting and are offering remote positions for their employees. If you can find a position that lets you work from home occasionally, try it out and see how it goes. You may find that it saves both you and your employer money, as well as making your life easier.

Myths About Software Development Company transport

7. Misconception: The only way to move up in a software development company is by being an expert programmer or having technical skills.

Myths About Software Development Company expert

Reality: In software development, you can be a valuable asset to a company even if you do not know how to deal with the code itself. This is particularly true if you have an eye for design and know how to write user-friendly documentation. If you are looking for work in this field, it is important that you truly focus on becoming a creative problem solver first.

8. Misconception: Software developers can work from anywhere.

Myths About Software Development Company can be work everywhere

Reality: That is the idea, but in reality, most companies expect developers to live and work close by in case they are needed quickly. That is why it is essential to find out as much as you can about the non-work parts of a job before you commit yourself to moving. You may be able to work from home, but that does not mean you should.

9. Misconception: Software development professionals are all computer technicians.

software development

Reality: Strictly speaking, that statement can be true, although it depends on what your definition of professional is. A software developer is a person who creates software applications and who may play several roles in the product lifecycle within a company. That person could also be someone who handles the testing, documentation and other types of tasks for a program or website.

10. Misconception: There are no other career options for a software developer.

Myths About Software Development Company career

Reality: There are many careers that can be built around computer programming. Based on the skills you have, you may be able to move into management positions within an organization, work as a contractor or even become a freelance software developer who works wherever there is a need for their services. If you can turn your passion for coding into something that helps others in design, usability and marketing, you may also find yourself in demand as a web designer or blogger.

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