The 4 Most Common Software Development Company Mistakes

In this article, we’re going to take a look at four common mistakes that are often made by software development companies when it comes to their hiring process and the regularity of their work.


A software development company is a company that creates custom software for another company. In order to do this, the software development company has to hire developers and designers to create brand new software.

Since this is a new type of job, most companies hire an inexperienced team. This means that the employees will not have enough knowledge of the industry that they are working in. Another problem is that when hiring employees, most companies do not make sure that all their employees are familiar with industry work practices. This means that there will be many misunderstandings between the different departments and employees.

After a few years, the software development company will begin to grow. The problem most companies face is that they will not change their hiring process or their work practices. This results in a team full of people who do not really know how to work together and who are unable to update their skills.

In order for you to avoid these mistakes and long-term problems, we have created this article that is going to take you through the 4 most common mistakes made by software development companies.

Mistake 1

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The company does not define clear processes or procedures for its employees to follow resulting in poor communication between them.

One of the major problems that most companies face when it comes to their employees is poor communication. This can be a result of multiple things, but the primary reason for this is that the company does not establish clear processes or procedures that their employees have to follow. This means that there are no guidelines for the employees on how they should work or what they should be doing. This results in poor communication between departments because one department does not know what another is doing and as a result, both are making mistakes that could easily be avoided.

Mistake 2

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The software development company hires people who do not have enough experience in software development or who do not have any previous experience in the industry.

The initial stages of a new software development company is very important because it decides how the company will grow in the future. The crucial factor in this stage is the amount of employees that the company has because if they have more employees than they need, the company will not be able to hire talented people. This problem can result in situations where the inexperienced employees are unable to adapt to new industry practices and flexible working hours. This means that the employees do not know when to take their breaks or when to go for a coffee and end up developing a poor leadership style over time.

Mistake 3

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The company does not keep track of work being done by its employees after they have already been hired.

When you hire employees, it is crucial that you make sure that you are hiring the right people and that they are going to be able to do their jobs well. After the employees have been hired, they will manage themselves and make sure they complete their work on time. A lot of mistakes are made in this stage because most companies do not keep track of the work being done by their employees. This could result in a team that is incapable of working together and performing at peak levels.

Mistake 4

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The software development company does not regularly update its knowledge management system or its processes.

The first three mistakes were the result of poor hiring practices and procedures, but this is the final mistake: poor knowledge management. A lot of companies are unaware that the biggest mistake they can make is not keeping up with their knowledge management systems or their processes. If they do not keep up with this, there will be too much information for them to process and they will be unable to make sure that their processes are efficient. This results in a lack of communication between departments and employees, which makes company life difficult.


Hopefully you have learned something about software development company mistakes in this article. The most important thing to remember is that software development companies need to make sure they are hiring the right employees and that they understand what they are going for as a company. You should also keep in mind that your software development company will need to keep up with industry practices if it wants to become successful.

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