What to Look for in An Outsourced Software Development Company ?

In this article we will help you find the best companies to outsourced your software development company team. There are many factors to consider when choosing a company for your business; however, this is a basic list of the most important things you should be looking for in order to get the best value from outsourcing. Make sure that not only is their work quality high but also they are scalable and allows you to use their services long term.

Essential criteria | Quality, Scalability and Scale-up

Quality: Some software development companies may provide high quality code but it may not be stable enough for long term solutions like e-commerce websites or mobile apps which require stability. Make sure that if they do have higher quality code, that it is scalable enough for your needs.

Outsourced Software Development Company quality

Scalability: You will need a software development company that has the ability to scale with your business. They should be able to handle your first small application or website as well as the next million dollar project.

Scale up: This is one of the most important criteria when choosing a software development company. Your software development company allows room for growth, and is there to help you as you grow? Can they help you build an app for your staff, then build it for clients and finally build it for other companies? A software development company with scalability will allow them to grow with you and not get left behind when your business needs grow.

Industry demand | Is this company trusted by other companies ?

Outsourced Software Development Company review

Industry Demand: Do they have a good reputation in the industry ? The software development market is full of scam artists and companies that over-promise and under-deliver. If a company is willing to provide references from other clients, that can tell you what they are like to work with and if they can meet your demands, then it will be easier for you to decide on which company to work with.

Experience of the team | Do they have enough experience ?

Software development team experience: A software development team with little experience will most likely not be able to do your project as effectively as a company with more experienced staff. Ensure that a software development company has a team with enough experience in your industry and that they are familiar with your demands.

The placement of staff | Where are they located ?

Outsourced Software Development Company location

Software development company location: The main cities in India for software companies is Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. All of these cities have easy access to schools and colleges that educate students in the fields of programming, computers and software engineering. If you choose to work with an outsourcing company from another country, the language barrier may be an issue. If possible try to work with a software development company that is close by so you can communicate effectively with them without spending a lot of time on the phone or Skype.

How to work with a software development company | Are they easy to work with ?

There are many different ways to work with a software development company but it depends on what your needs and your budget is. If you have the budget and you plan on doing multiple projects, then you may want to consider hiring full-time employees of the outsourcing company who will work in-house for you. However, this is often not the case for most companies. Most companies that require software development have many projects that they need help with at any given time. If you aren’t able to work with them through the phone or Skype, then hiring local contractors may be a good choice for you.

What language your are hiring | Do they specialize in your language ?

Outsourced Software Development Company language

Software development company language: Most companies these days will have a strong focus on a particular language such as Java, MySQL and Ruby. If you do not know which language your software development company works in, it is best to learn it or have someone with experience working with them on the project send their portfolio or website address where they explain which languages they work with and what they can offer you as well.

Custom development | Can they develop a custom software for you ?

Custom development: One of the most important aspects of a business is having a custom software that can serve your unique needs. You will need to choose an outsourcing company that has experience with custom development and can create something unique and professional for your business.

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